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Acura Build - 01/22/2014
RL Build

For 1999 the RL was pretty advanced. It came fitted with a built in GPS system that was probably pretty slick for it’s time. However, it hasn’t aged too well and is no longer really useful with out of date maps and it’s failing hard drive. Read more...

Acura Build - 01/09/2014
RL Build

The projector retrofit is finally coming to an end. There isn’t too much gap between the reflector and shroud which isn’t too bad. The new D2S bulbs also came in. Read more...

Acura Build - 01/05/2014
RL Build

I decided to re add the defusers over the blinkers. It looks better in my opinion and feels more OEM. Ran into a slight set back. Read more...

Acura Build - 12/30/2013
RL Build

I like doing little things to fix things up. The speaker grills on the car are showing their age so I decided to re upholster them to look new again. Left is original, right is new. Read more...

Acura Build - 12/18/2013
RL Build

I’ve decided to do a projector retrofit. There’s nothing wrong with the current headlights I just really like the appeal of the crisp cutoff. I separated the lense from the headlight house so I could begin to mount things in place. Read more...

Acura Build - 12/16/2013
RL Build

I bought my first car off my Grandmother. It’s a 1999 Acura 3.5RL in rough condition. I’ve owned it for about 3 years now and only done a few small mods to it since. Read more...