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Civic Build - 4/6/18


Wrapping it up

It’s funny, you never realize how many things are missing until you try to finish up your project. I spent today going over the motor ensuring I had everything I needed for it. Turns out I was missing quite a few bolts, and some misc small things.

Initially I wanted to work on finishing up the engine bay but with how cold it was outside I decided to focus on the motor instead. I did however finally get the transmission bracket off the frame rail.

I started off by sandblasting the rear transmission mount bracket. I had already started this about 3 monthes back so it only took a few minutes to finish up.

Then after painting it:

I also restored the throttle body. This is off a B18B1 and it was initially pretty gross. Here’s before I did anything.

After sandblasting all the junk off it.

Painted up. I also bought 3 new bolts to attach the FITV to it.

I didn’t like how rusty the throttle body studs were so I ended up removing them. I used the classic two nut trick to break them free.

Reinstalled the throttle body. I splurged on most of the bolts and went with a nice hex cap style.

Some of the new bolts.

Then some goodies came in the mail. Since I’m shaving the engine bay I decided to go with a nice inline fuel filter to get rid of the ugly stock one.

The kit came with a nice return line, but since I’m using a stock FPR it wasn’t possible to use it. Instead I decided to spruce up the vacuum line connecting the valve cover port (forget the name) to the intake.

The engine is 100% done and ready to go. By the end of the coming week I’ll have the transmission painted and ready to mate with the engine. Who knows how long the shell will take though.