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Civic Build - 4/14/18

93 EG Hatch Build

Getting Closer.

I ran into a few set backs this weekend, and I’m a little annoyed but at the same time the civic is really close to being done. I started off by prepping the transmission and engine for being mated together.

Last year everytime I pushed the clutch in it made a real nice squeek that let everyone in a 15 foot radius know what was going on. Thankfully this time I didn’t forget to grease the pivot point on the clutch fork.

Popped into position.

Then I lowered the motor down off the stand using the chain hoist in the garage. (I don’t have an engine hoist to use.)

After that I bolted up the flywheel. I decided to go with a 12lb Competition Clutch flywheel and ARP bolts. Last year I ran an 8lb flywheel on my D15 Mini Me and didn’t really care for it. Thanks to the engine’s staggering 100ish ft-lbs of torque it took quite a bit of feathering the clutch to get moving.

Mated up the new clutch. It’s nothing more than your standard Exedy OE replacement.

5 monthes later the transmission and engine are finally mated!

Cleaned up the speed sensor.

Halfshaft bolted up. I didn’t restore it yet since I may need to get a new bearing for it.

Mock fitting the new battery terminals. The actual battery is in the bumper, so it’s nice being able to jump it without popping the bumper off.

After a butt load of sanding later.

Then a few coats of primer later.

Done! I went with rattle can since the body work isn’t perfect and I figure someday down the road I’ll be back fixing things up.

To mate the B20 up to my exhaust I bought a Speed Daddy (read cheap Ebay brand) header. I’ve had okay results with them in the past and figured they’d be the same this time around. Turns out the header wouldn’t even mate up to the head properly. Two of the tabs had to be trimmed and the gasket they provided needed to be cut up before things mated nicely.

Finally got the motor in, only to learn you need a special bracket for the driver side mount when swapping a B20 into an EG ugh.

To keep making progress since I couldn’t finish hooking up the motor I decided to start the brake lines. I’m keeping the heater and SRS computer so there isn’t much room to tuck the brakes in.

This was my first time making my own brake lines. After a few trial runs I was feeling pretty confident and managed to bend a fairly complex line. Flaired both ends only to realize I pulled this little stunt off. Had to junk the line at that point.

Current status of the lines. All that’s left is to run the 2 that go to the front calipers.

Close up.

Here’s how the bay currently looks.

I’ve got the proper mount on order, and I’ll pick up 2 new bulk head connectors for the brakes since they stripped out. I’m hoping for a first start next weekend (fingers crossed).