Trying to find the size of a missing bolt?

I'm in the middle of swapping a B20B into my 1993 civic, and I had to buy (just about) every bolt / nut on the engine and transmission since I was missing so many. I also had the pleasure of tracking down all this information from various forums and sources. To try to help any others who are partaking in a similar project I've compiled a list of what I found below. I apologize if there are any errors, these specs are for a B20B with a B18B1 (ls) intake so in theory it should cover most B-Series stuff. It also applies to some D-Series stuff (throttle body, etc).

How to read the info:

Intake Manifold


MAP Sensor:


Throttle Body:

IAT Sensor:

Fuel Pressure Regulator



Engine Head


Engine Block

(2 Bolt) Post Side Mount:


Bell Housing:


Rear Bracket:

Rear Mount:

Top Mount:

Clutch Slave Cylinder:

Speed Sensor:

Torque Mount: