Civic Build - 4/12/18

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Restoring the transmission

My girlfriend and I went on a road trip to Vermont to pick up this transmission. Funny enough I wasn't able to find only a transmission so I had to buy a B18b1 engine to get this guy. I didn't really want to do a B18 swap however so I managed to sell off the engine (for stupid cheap…). Here's how it looked before touching it at all. The dust shield got a little mangled up but a hammer ‘taps’ with the hammer straightened it out.

Started off by first hitting it with some engine degreaser.

Then picked up some harbor freight wire wheels to do the dirty work.

After quite a few hours of wire wheel use, I had to sand out the marks left behind with 180 grit.

I didn't care for the VIN tag since it didn't match the chassis VIN. I decided to fill in the screw holes using some jb weld. This is after sanding them flat.

All cleaned up and ready for paint. While that may look like oil dripping out of the cv axle port it's actually just dried corosion.

Painted. I went with the classic rattle can route for the finishing touches. Duplicolor cast aluminum is my go to due to it's natural appearance.

What's not pictured is a few missing bolts, and the clutch fork. This time I'll remember to grease the clutch fork pivot point so it doesn't squeek everytime I push in the clutch haha.