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93 EG Hatch Build

Civic Build - 09/07/15

Now that I’m back at college it’s been hard to make progress on the Civic. I do have a slight update to drop as the hood is just about done now. Read more...

Civic Build - 08/22/15
93 EG Hatch Build

I’ve been quite busy working on the Civic in the past month. I’m verfy excited to shared the journey I’m embarking on, and can’t wait to see how the finished product looks. Read more...

Civic Build - 07/03/15
93 EG Hatch Build

I don’t know why, but I’ve always been a fan of Honda. I just love the simplicity, and elegant styling. Sure they may not be the most luxurious cars out there but they are reliable and that’s a fact. Read more...

Civic Build - 07/06/15
93 EG Hatch Build

The transmission in the Civic was a good deal for the price of $100, but it had a nasty grind anytime you shifted into 3rd gear above 3k RPM. Because of this, and a transmission popping up for sale for $75 bucks I couldn’t resist making the switch. Read more...