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Civic Build - 09/07/15

Now that I’m back at college it’s been hard to make progress on the Civic. I do have a slight update to drop as the hood is just about done now.

I wasn’t a fan of the stock antenna and it was broken so I figured we should delete it. My Dad helped out by soldering in a small patch to cover the antenna hole then skim coated it with body filler until you couldn’t even tell it was ever there.

Then we also cut out the rust from the driver’s side quarter panel. The inner panel had a little rust so we made a small patch for it and welded it into place.

Here’s the mock up of the new patch panel.

On a funny side note I found the original dealer sticker for my Civic.

I’m not the biggest fan of the stock eg front bumper. I didn’t want to install fog lights so I decided to go against the grain. I’m making what’s known as an egk bumper as I love the look of them and how they flow with the body. This is my inspiration:

In order to make the egk bumper I had to order a new ek bumper. Thanks to Amazon I managed to snag one shipped for only $60. Here’s a comparison of the eg bumper (left) and ek bumper (right). Sorry it’s blurry

The center grill on my bumper was all cracked and damaged so I cut it out. Had it been in decent shape I would have kept it.

The vents cut out from the ek bumper. I used a dremel to do the dirty work.

The process to install them was simple enough. First I made some cardboard cut outs so I could mark the holes I needed to cut in the eg bumper.

Then after that I used the dremel to cut the hole and finally plastic welded in the vent. Using a plastic welder creates a nice strong bond to ensure they’ll never crack or seperate.

The edges are a little rough but that’s nothing some sanding and body filler can’t take care of. Stay tuned.