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Civic Build - 6/9/18


Getting ready for the test drive

While the car may not be on the road yet, it’s come quite a bit closer to getting there. Lately I’ve been working on fixing everything that was sub-optimally done previously by me. One of the things I didn’t do quite right was the clutch pedal pin. Since the car was an automatic initially, I had to source out some parts for the swap. I ended up buying just a generic pin for the clutch master cylinder to hook it to the clutch pedal. Interestingly enough the metal was fairly soft as the pedal has worn a fairly noticable grove into the pin itself.

I finally managed to run that last brake line. Ended up needing to order a 90 degree bulk head connector but I’m pretty happy to be done running brake lines.

Also finally trimmed the fan shroud. Turns out I bought the only header style that doesn’t fit with an OEM fan. Oh well I like the extra clearance it offers over the ebay header I had previously.

Action shot of getting the interior back together.

All done!

I like how you can see the brake lines + proportional valve.

With the custom battery location I needed a way to tie down the battery. Ended up bending a threaded rod to hold it down. I drilled a hole through the bracket the battery is sitting on to ensure it can’t slide forward or backwards during driving.

Battery nice and secured.

So close to having the car done. Pretty happy with how it’s looking.