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Civic Build - 5/20/18

93 EG Hatch Build

Finishing things up

With the weather warming up it’s been making me miss the civic quite a bit. While it may not be the fastest car out there I do enjoy riving it. I had the chance to work on it a bit more this weekend. To get myself motivated I started by getting the radiator mounted in place. After that I wired up the charge harness.

I had thought this task would be difficult but it really wasn’t that bad. Since the baterry is in the bumper I ran the wires through the fender to hide everything.

I ended up re-using the air intake set up I had on the mini-me. Turns out the throttle body is larger so the intake is restricting it but it’s only temporary.

Nice overshot

With the charge system all done I was finally able to put a fender back on.

It looks like a car again!

I finished up the driver side and was able to put every body panel back on it.

Nice overshot. Really happy to see it coming back together.

Current status of the engine bay.