I like doing little things to fix things up. The speaker grills on the car are showing their age so I decided to re upholster them to look new again. Left is original, right is new.

I did a test fit of how everything will look. I’m liking how it’s coming out but I may re-install my side blinker defusers as I don’t like the look as much due to the projector.

Another small mod I did was replace the lights in the driver side window switches.

Ended up debadging the Acura logo. It felt a little overkill with the A logo in the center. Unfortunately there is some etching in the paint.

It’s cold out but I did manage to align my projectors.

My name's Eddie Abbondanzio, and I'm a full time Software Developer. Programming is my favorite hobby, and I love working on anything web related, and my own personal projects. If I'm not programming, then I'm likely working on one of my cars.