WorkStation - More RAM


Mo' RAM, Mo' Problems

I use my laptop for a ton of software development. I’ve been working on launching a SaaS and I often need to have a development build of the backend running along with the frontend. Both of those and a database and I’m easily eating up 5-6 gigabytes of RAM. My laptop is a Dell Inspirion 7559, and it came with 8 gigs of RAM from the factory.

While I wasn’t noticing anything terrible performance wise, I figured with how cheap memory is nowadays it couldn’t hurt to upgrade. While some may prefer to download more RAM I figure $35 to double my RAM from 8GB to 16GB was well worth the money.

I really like the look of the Inspiron 7559. It shows off it’s gaming roots, but at the same time isn’t too over the top. I do wish it had an aluminum casing, but for the price I can’t complain.

The 7559 is designed with upgrading in mind. It only takes the removal of 1 screw to have access to the internals of the laptop. I don’t think I’ve ever had an easier laptop to work with.

I think hardware is fascinating. I appreciate that Dell shipped it with 1 8GB stick instead of 2 4GB sticks.

The new stick of RAM. I decided against going with an overly expensive stick since it was going to be paired with the stock stick.

The original 8GB of RAM.

It was stupid easy to hook in the new stick.

After putting the bottom cover back in place, the laptop quickly recognized the new RAM. Overall the upgrade was well worth it as for only $35 it was well worth the ability to double the RAM on my work horse.