If your reading this, it means you’ve found my new website. It’s still in it’s early stages so it may seem quite primitive. It’s powered via Hugo, and while I may have a decent grasp of HTML/CSS/JS, Go is a whole new concept.

In the following weeks I’ll work on dialing things in and at the same time post progresss about my various projects I’m working on.

What is this blog about?

Posts will mainly focus on topics related to game development. I’m currently working on a voxel engine for my capstone project, and will be posting weekly updates regarding it’s progress. Other topics may include my project car, or smaller side projects I work on.

Who am I?

My name is Eddie Abbondanzio, and I am a college student who is in their last semester of college. My two main hobbies are software development, and automotive work. I love anything hands on and come up with some interesting ideas occasionally.

My name's Eddie Abbondanzio, and this is my blog. I mostly write about game dev / web dev, but I'll throw in the occasional car post.