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No Mans Blocks - 10/13/2018


Where I’ve Been, and Where I’m Heading I took somewhat of an unplanned hiatus from working on No Mans Blocks. Initially, I took a break because I wanted to pursue writing a server for a Reddit clone. It wasn’t until about two months in that I realized just how over scoped the project was and how long it would take to finish. While I may not have much to show for this time, it did open my eyes up to some of the common software-architecture patterns, and how to utilize these patterns to better organize my projects. Read more...

No Mans Blocks - 6/4/18


Creating Time (literally!) I have a knack for forgetting what I’ve managed to accomplish on the game during the week. To try to overcome this so I have updates I can post on it, I’ve started writing down each accomplishment on a sticky note. Every Friday I hope to write a small blurb, and post some code showing off the current state of No Mans Blocks. While the networking implementation is still early, I’ve managed to get a sever-authoratative set up running that handles syncing up lobby of players together. Read more...

No Mans Blocks - 4/20/18


Playing Around at the Bit Level This weeks adventure has been exploring object serialization. Initially I was using the serializable attribute to convert my objects into byte arrays but for some objects such as the voxel chunks this is far from ideal. Since I don’t want to handle serialization with 2 different methods I’ve decided to bite the bullet and roll my own set up. To help prepare for this task I’ve created a BitManipulator class that allows for individual bits to be written to in a byte array. Read more...

No Mans Blocks - 4/8/18


Building Up the Network Logic While this week may not have much to show for it has built a solid foundation for networking. I spent some time refactoring the pre-existing network logic to try to clean things up. I really didn’t like how the NetServerManager and NetClientManager derived from a base class of NetManager that had a NetMessageProcessor component. It was gross having to call that and subscribe to it’s message events. Read more...

No Mans Blocks - 3/31/18


Stepping back into Networking These past few months I’ve been on a tangent that wasn’t exactly planned. Diving head first into networking code, and attempting to refactor the voxel engine to support it really burnt me out. During this break I’ve been focusing on the core voxel engine itself. I decided to take the time to really spruce up the voxel engine and add in some much needed features. While I can’t exactly remember every change some of the key ones are: Read more...