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WorkStation - Goodbye Windows


I’ve been using Windows for as long as I can remember. Back when Windows 2000 was a big deal I remember using it to play Space Cadet pinball although I was never very good at it. With the rise of Windows 10 it feels as if Microsoft is going downhill and no longer gives you “full control” of your own computer. My biggest gripe with Windows 10 is the automatic updates that it forces upon you. Read more...

WorkStation - More RAM


Mo’ RAM, Mo’ Problems I use my laptop for a ton of software development. I’ve been working on launching a SaaS and I often need to have a development build of the backend running along with the frontend. Both of those and a database and I’m easily eating up 5-6 gigabytes of RAM. My laptop is a Dell Inspirion 7559, and it came with 8 gigs of RAM from the factory. Read more...