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HTTP Status Codes For a RESTful API


Intro Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) powers the web. It’s the silent work horse used to carry data between servers and clients, and is the reason why all URLs start with HTTP, or HTTPS. For those new to HTTP, it can be though of as clients (users) making requests that are sent to servers which then reply back with responses. Only servers can make responses, and only clients can make requests. Read more...

HTTP Cookies


What Are They? HTTP cookies are small bits of text that are included with each HTTP request made from a user’s web browser to web servers. HTTP is a stateless protocol which means each requests is treated as a unique command, and no state data is maintained. Cookies were designed to fill this gap, and allow servers to associate data with user’s as they traverse sites. Cookies are commonly used by sites to hold authentication tokens, tracking ids, or save user preferences. Read more...